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Welcome to Top Fresh and Top Fresh Handel Kraggenburg

We're good at carrots here at Top Fresh B.V. and Top Fresh Handel B.V. in Kraggenburg, Flevoland. We trade in, cultivate, and process carrots for domestic and export customers. The variety Top Fresh uses most of the time is the Imperator. Imperator carrots are long and slender, have a delicious, sweet flavour, a beautiful colour, and a long shelf life. Thanks to these traits, it is easy to process to a snack carrot. These ready-to-eat carrots are also known as Baby Carrots.


Top Fresh and Top Fresh Handel in short

  • Top Fresh: cultivation and processing of Imperator carrots to Baby carrots
  • Top Fresh Handel: carrot trade
  • Organic cultivation also available
  • Both domestic and export sales
  • Year-round great quality
  • High delivery reliability


From cultivation to Baby Carrot and trade

Top Fresh B.V. processes Imperator carrots to Baby Carrots, while Top Fresh Handel B.V. mostly focuses on carrot trade. We are happy to tell you more about our products, our quality and our cultivation and processing methods. We regularly post current information about our companies on our news page. Do you have a question, are you interested in high quality carrots, or would you like to know how quickly we can deliver your order? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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