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Baby Carrots

Snack carrots and baby carrots are names given to smaller cut pieces of carrots that are easy to eat. Top Fresh B.V. is specialised in ready-to-eat carrots. We cultivate Imperator carrots under our own management and process them to Baby carrots. Imperator carrots are long and thin, beautiful shades of orange, purple, and yellow, and have a delicious sweet flavour. This makes them ideal for processing to baby carrots of various shapes and sizes. At Top Fresh you can choose the packaging of your choice, from small retail bags weighing 150 grams to plastic boxes of up to 350 kg.


Imperators become ready-to-eat snack carrots

  • Top Fresh processes Imperator carrots to Baby carrots
  • Imperator: long, slender, various colours, sweet flavour, long shelf life
  • Various shapes of carrots: including elongated and round
  • A variety of packages, from 150 gram to 350 kg
  • High quality and delivery reliability
  • Organic Baby Carrots also available


High quality and delivery reliability

We at Top Fresh value quality and reliability in deliveries. We cooperate with selected carrot cultivators both domestic and foreign, so we can provide high quality carrots all year round. Additionally, we do everything under our own management, meaning we can guarantee delivery reliability. Top Fresh has a number of quality certificates and has had IFS certification since 2017. Furthermore, we meed the standards of the Environmental label, GlobalGap,Tesco Nurture, and QS Furthermore, we are Skal-certified.


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