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Top Fresh has been cultivating the renowned Imperator breed for years. The long slender breed makes carrots very suitable for processing to Baby carrots. You can get a lot of snack carrots of uniform quality from an Imperator carrot. The ease of snack carrots and their sweet, delicious flavour have ensured that ready-to-eat carrots from the United States have grown in popularity in Europe. Top Fresh has taken note of this trend and is one of the few Dutch companies that processes Imperator carrots into snack carrots.


Special characteristics of Imperator carrots

  • Long and slender shape
  • The shape of Imperators makes them suitable for processing to Baby carrots.
  • Great, sweet flavour
  • Great looks: beautiful bright colours
  • Long shelf life
  • Baby Carrots available in a variety of packaging.


 Imperator is taking over European markets

Top Fresh has been processing Imperator carrots to snack carrots since 2005. Our ready-to-eat carrots are found all over Europe. Thanks to cooperation with high quality cultivators both domestic and foreign, you can count on a supply of high quality Top Fresh carrots all year long. We process Imperator carrots at our location in Kraggenburg. You can choose from a variety of processes such as custom sorting, cutting, peeling, scraping, and polishing. You can also choose from a number of packaging options: from delivery in FIBCs to 150 gram retail packaging and anything in between. We can guarantee high delivery reliability, because we manage everything ourselves.



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