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Miscellaneous products

Top Fresh B.V. is not only great at cultivating and processing carrots. We also grow and process root parsley and coloured carrots in our conventional carrots segment. You can count on high quality with these products, just like with our carrots. This is because we adhere to the same high standards for these products. Top Fresh's delivery reliability for root parsley and coloured carrots is also high. We cooperate with selected carrot cultivators both domestic and foreign, meaning you can rely on quick deliveries all year long.


Range of miscellaneous products

  • Root parsley
  • Coloured carrots: purple, yellow, and white
  • High quality thanks to collaboration with selected cultivators
  • Everything is under own management: High delivery reliability and year-round supply
  • Top Fresh meets the standards of IFS, Environmental label, Tesco Nurture, GlobalGap, and QS


Quality and delivery reliability

As mentioned before, Top Fresh B.V. cooperates with cultivators both domestic and foreign. We can guarantee high delivery reliability because we cultivate, purchase and process under our own management. We set the bar high for ourselves and do the same for our cultivators. After all, a lot goes into production and processing. There are a number of international certifications to guarantee quality standards. Top Fresh has been IFS-certified since 2017. We adhere to Environmental Label, Tesco Nurture, GlobalGap, and QS guidelines for cultivation. As you can see, quality is high on our list of priorities!



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