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About Top Fresh Handel B.V.

Top Fresh Handel B.V. is located in Kraggenburg and is specialised in carrot trade. In 2012, Peter Matthijssen and Ronald Gielleit founded Top Fresh Handel B.V., alongside Top Fresh B.V. Ronald manages Top Fresh Handel B.V. on a daily basis. We trade in washed and unwashed carrots, both organic and conventional. Deliveries can be done separately, in crates, or in FIBCs. Aside from carrots, we also trade in root parsley, parsnips and red beets. We value quality and meet high standards. Top Fresh Handel is Skal certified and has a QS certificate.


What does Top Fresh Handel B.V. do?

  • Trade in washed and unwashed carrots
  • Both conventional and organic carrots
  • Sorting to size is also possible
  • Deliveries done separately, in crates, or in FIBCs.
  • Year-round supply of carrots
  • Carrots from the Netherlands, England, Spain, Italy, France, Scandinavia and Israel
  • Trade in root parsley, parsnips and red beets as well


Year-round supply

We cooperate with selected carrot cultivators both domestic and foreign. Thanks to this, Top Fresh Handel can provide carrots year-round at a consistent quality level all year long. Many of our customers are processors for supermarkets and vegetable cutting facilities. For these companies, long shelf life, great taste sensation, and a nice colour along with high delivery reliability are essential.


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