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We turn process carrots into Baby carrots at our location in Kraggenburg. In 2016 Top Fresh invested in advanced processing lines while building its 4950 m² building. We can wash, sort, cut, peel, scrape, and polish carrots. After beheading, the carrots are cut into pieces and then sorted for further processing. You determine the shape and size. After sorting, the Baby carrots are scraped and polished for an aesthetically pleasing final product. Then after packaging, the snack carrots are sent on their way to you.


Processing by Top Fresh

  • Advanced processing lines for sorting, cutting, peeling, scraping, and polishing
  • The lines are cleaned and disinfected every day
  • Hygiene is important for a long shelf life
  • Top Fresh is IFS-certified
  • Organic processing also possible Skal - certified


Particular attention to hygiene and certification at Top Fresh

To give the processed carrots a longer shelf life, hygiene is essential in operating areas. Top Fresh cleans and disinfects all processing lines on a daily basis for this purpose. Top Fresh stands for high quality carrots. We have been IFS certified since 2017. Furthermore, we meet the standards of GlobalGap, Tesco Nurture, QS, and Environmental label. We are Skal-certified for organic markets.



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