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At Top Fresh and Top Fresh Handel Kraggenburg in Kraggenburg, we're real carrot fanatics. This delicious vegetable is perfect for dinner, as a snack, and as an added flavour in products like salads and soups. We supply raw carrots in any way you like. You can choose from unwashed, washed, sorted, cut, peeled, scraped, polished, bulk, in FIBCs or in crates. You can also get Heirloom carrots and completely peeled carrots from Top Fresh. Every customer gets the same high delivery reliability and consistent quality.


Carrot options

  • Washed or Unwashed
  • Custom sorting, cutting, peeling, scraping, and polishing
  • Dumped separately or in crates
  • From small packaging to FIBCs and separate dumping
  • Nantes heirloom carrot
  • Whole carrots peeled lengthwise
  • Conventional, Organic (Skal-certified) and coloured


Advanced carrot machine pool

Top Fresh has an advanced carrot machine pool at its new location in Kraggenburg. We can meet your request with our sophisticated processing lines. We clean and disinfect our machines every day. Thanks to this, we can also process organic (Skal-certified) and differently coloured carrots. We can provide these carrots in a variety of configurations, just like conventional carrots. Thanks to our network of high quality cultivators in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, England, Italy, Spain, and Israel, we can serve you all year round.


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